There are several ways to get involved with the Honor Hands™ Team!


 Host a Fundraising Event at Your Church, Lodge or Other Group!


Honor Hands will help you set up and run your own fundraising event with your large group or small family. We will have a representative teach your designated people how to set up the event and cast the hands as well as create the bases. We will help you find the right quantity of Honor Hand™ kits to make your event worthwhile. Please go to the "Fundraising Opportinities" page and submit your information and a representative will contact you.


Become the owner of your own Honor Hands home-based business


The Honor Hands opportunity allows you to work your own hours, is a perfect business to take on the road for fairs and festivals or set up in your own retail setting. The opportunity lets you be with your family and meet new people. Check out the Honor Hands™ Business course page to fill out the form of interest and a representative will get back to you!