01/21/14 at 08:35 AM | Published Under What is going on at Honor Hands?

Dustin was the kid that beat all odds. At the age of 14 he was in a roll over car wreck and thrown out of the car at 75 miles an hour. Flat-lined twice at the hospital with multiple injuries the doctors told him he would never walk again. With his mom by his side he fought the fight to recover. Bulldog became his nickname when people told him that he was as “Tough as a Bulldog.” To this day he has many scars and days of pain that remind him of the car wreck that changed his life. Dustin went on to be the star of his High School baseball team, played college ball and on to AA baseball. He thought it was only fitting to give his Mom his hand that says “Bulldog.”


By, Debbie Barth Honor Hands Nevada Regional Manger January 20, 2014