Honor Hands Spring 2013

06/17/13 at 11:35 AM | Published Under What is going on at Honor Hands?

Honor Hands Hot Spring!


Honor Hands has been really busy this spring and people are really getting into honoring their loved ones in this unique and lasting way.

Last summer Colorado Springs, CO was hit with the worst forest fire in its history (until the Black Forest fire now burning) The firefighters in Colorado Springs were nothing short of heroic and the community gathered to honor them and give them thanks.

Honor Hands was asked to cast each of the fire chiefs holding a commemorative coin to be presented to them. Unfortunately we didn't catch a photo of the final castings but you can see how they looked during the process. Each of the fire chiefs remarked they didn't do anything special, were just doing their jobs and didn't deserve any honor. We at Honor Hands disagree. If we could have, we would have given each person involved protecting the community their own casting.

Honor Hands honors Waldo Canyon Firechiefs


Honor Hands was invited to a very special wedding and asked to cast the bride and groom. Mr. and Mrs. Dan and Heidi Herrmann asked for Honor Hands to help celebrate their wedding with a permanent rememberance of their love.

Honor Hands wedding