History of Honor Hands

11/05/12 at 02:49 PM | Published Under What is going on at Honor Hands?

How Honor Hands Came to Be



I have been dealing with Jerry Vinnola and Chet Karlowski for  over 16 years. Jerry is my husband and Chet is  his closest friend. Our daughters all grew up together, we attend the same church together, and Jerry and Chet invent together...

Sometimes this is a really scary thing, and sometines it is a great thing. I like to watch their minds work as I am not creative in the same way they are.

In late June 2011 Jerry and Chet were in full blown invent mode talking about reconfiguring knives and such when I mentioned that my favorite invention had been placed on the back burner ...the hand thing. We had a silly, redneck sort of idea involving hand casts but the idea had never really jelled.

About the same time this was all happening was the same time we watched a newscast that spoke of how over 1000 WWII Veterans die each day in this Nation.  We were stunned and saddened that these brave men and women were being forgotten...

The "silly hand invention" suddenly became a misson when God laid it on Jerry and Chets hearts to find a way to memorialize our Veterans. We have memorials to so many interesting people so why not have personal memorials for our Veterans? Out American WWII Veterans rose to the call of a grateful Nation but the years have taken a hard toll on them and the other veterans of this land.

Honor is not highly thought of in our society any more. Honorable folks are frequently not the flashy stars of  cinema and sportsfield. They don't make millions of dollars just for having millions of dollars and doing outrageous things.  Honorable people are ordinary folks who do heroic things just because the time and place call for heroism.

Honor Hands was born from the desire to honor those people in life who are heroic to us, whether they are Veterans of  War or the dad who just did his best to put food on the table.

Honor Hands wants to give people the means with which to honor and memorialize our heros.