Meet The Honor Hands Team!

The Creative Idea/Inventor Guys

JerryVinnola and Chet Karlowski are the men who first came up with the Honor Hands concept as a way to honor those people in our families and also our beloved Veterans and others. Jerry and Chet have been friends for many years and have used their creativity to both inspire and drive their friends and family crazy...mostly inspire of course!

Jerry Vinnola~ For most of his adult life Jerry has been in the business of preserving memories as a gifted wildlife artist. As the owner of the Colorado Institute of Taxidermy Inc., Jerry has taught thousands of men and women worldwide to be wildlife artists and has successfully operated  Big Timber South Taxidermy Studio where many notable personalities have had their animals mounted through the years.

" I love creating and making useful things. I have always said my brains were in my hands. I am grateful to God for giving me the abilities and talents that He has and for the supportive friends and family He blessed me with."

Honor Hands was inspired on July 4, 2011 when Jerry heard that we are losing over 1000 WWII Veterans each day. He was moved to have as many of their stories told as possible and felt  each one deserved a memorial to their contribution as men and women of our "Nation's Greatest Generation."

The inspiration has continued to grow and now families now have a way of honoring each other in a way like never before.

A devoted husband  to Christina and loving father to their 7 children and 7 grandchildren, Jerry enjoys hunting, fishing , creating and inventing.

 Chet Karlowski~ "A business owner, entrepreneur, and CODC employee for the past 32 years. I have had life take me in very interesting directions. I love my Lord Jesus Christ and strive to put him first in all I do. My family brings me joy and purpose. I have a wonderful wife who endures my busy schedule and am blessed with numerous children and grand children, my father continues to teach me discernment."

 "Business is my passion and in the past I have pushed myself to become a successful business man measuring success by the amount of revenue that I was able to acquire therefore becoming a man of importance. I now know that my aspirations were wrong. I now know that success is measured by how much you give back and what your motives are throughout the adventure of business itself. Good stewardship is on my mind guiding me to make the correct decisions."

"I love my grandkids and wish to spend more time with them in the great Colorado outdoors."

 Marketing Guru

Seiko Tran- Seiko  came on board with Honor Hands a few months after the project started. He brought a wealth of knowledge and truly sees how Honor Hands can help people. Seiko is a results oriented professional specializing in New Business Development and Marketing with a verifiable record of growth and achievement. Seiko has the ability to conduct effective business relations in English, French and Vietnamese. His specialties include full-service marketing, public relations, advertising, event coordination, brand & business development, Microsoft Suite, Salesforce & eSales CRM and Sales.

"I am married with a 3-year old daughter and enjoy fishing, basketball and worshipping God."

Honor Hands Ambassadors

Scott and Heather Humphrey are both Colorado natives.  They were married in 1999 and have 3 amazing children, Austin, Tyler and Jessica. They home school their children and love camping, hunting, and traveling as a family. They have a landscape construction business and build commercial playgrounds as well. Scott has a Bachelors in Landscape Horticulture and Heather has a Masters in Business.  They are abundantly blessed and as a family their mission is to show God's love in everything that they do.

 Film Dude Extraordinare

Emilio Martinez has done so much for Honor Hands, from filming our first commercials to letting himself be dragged all over Washington D.C. for filming. He has done all of the work for our Honor Hands TV pilot with 2 Honor Flights. He is a master of videography and can be found directing and plotting a new piece of film for the show. Emilio lives in Colorado Springs and has a beautiful wife and children.

Mistress of Stuff

Christina Vinnola works benind the scenes at Honor Hands tying up lose ends, general gophering and attempting to keep Jerry and Chet down to one creative idea a week. Involved with the Honor Hands TV show, she loves to meet and get to know the WWII veterans on the show and is learning how to be a reality show hostess. Along wth taking care of Honor Hands Christina works marketing and building lifetime relationships and memories.

Honor Hands

Event Staff

When Honor Hands heads to a large hand casting event, there are several folks who help out. We couldn't do everything we do without them!

Drew and Kelley Hoaglund

Cindy Karlowski

Jenny Vinnola

Chelsea ?

Kortney Shultz

Kayla Karlowski