Honor Hands™ was created out of the desire to give people a way to honor others. Honor Hands™ is a division of Superior Design Innovations.

The Honor Hands™ concept was conceived in July 2011.  

Incubated through trial and error, Jerry Vinnola and Chet Karlowski perfected the product and process of creating lifelike hand molds to commemorate and honor those who have served our country.

All over America you will find grand and glorious statues and memorials to men and women who have contributed to making our Nation the greatest of all.

HONOR HANDS is grateful to those who have sacrificed in service of others this nation’s military personnel, veterans and first responders.

Did you know--our nation is losing a thousand World War Two
Veterans every day? How about Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan etc. These Veterans all have a story to tell; each deserves to be shown how much we value and honor their sacrifices.

You can’t put up statues for every one of them, but with a hand-casting kit from HONOR HANDS, you can create a lasting memorial that captures the unique grasp of an honored one’s hand.

After months of preparation and marketing analysis, Jerry and Chet pressed forward with the help of family, friends and business associates.

 Through the SDI mission statement, Chet and Jerry are committed to insuring their business practices follow God first, family and Country.  


"Honor Hands keeps people thinking of what is good, honorable and of value."~ Chet Karlowski